Wiring the Mercury Type Tilt Sensor In this Illustration we will going to wire the mercury switch module is a family of the tilt switching sensor, and it has an on-board LED as indicator as power status it can be used to build a simple circuit to produce tilt warning. Mercury switch module and a digital interface, built-in 13 LED build a simple circuit to produce tilt warning lamp 13 comes with digital interfaces of the LED, the mercury tilt switch sensor interface to access digital 3, when the tilt switch sensor senses a key signal, LED lights, otherwise off. Schematic. Arduino GND --> Pin - of module
Reading Switch State with a Microcontroller Note that the layout above shows a 10K pullup resistor but for the code I use the 'built-in' pullup resistor that you can turn on by setting an input pin to HIGH output (its quite neat!) If you use the internal pull-up you can skip the external one.
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